Good Grips Cutlery

Good Grips Cutlery
The Good Grips cutlery range is ideal for persons with a weak grasp or limited hand control, arthritis, Parkinson's disease or spasticity. The weight in the built-up handle provides more control so that the utensil reaches the mouth easier.

Please note: These items of cutlery are all sold individually

Fork with sharp, closely spaced tines make spearing even the most delicate of foods easier.
Serrated Rocker Knife features a smooth side to spread butter, a sharp scalloped edge to cut through tough foods and rounded tip for safety.
Tablespoon is an all-around versatile spoon to own, measuring 1-3/8–in wide and 2-1/2-in. wide.
Teaspoon for when a smaller spoon is desired. Measures 1-1/4–in wide and 2-1/8-in. wide.

METAL SHAFT CAN BE BENT FROM 0º TO 90º - for a more comfortable angle or to help improve mobility / dexterity. Angle fork and tablespoon shaft for either left or right-handed use to minimize bending of the wrist to reach the mouth.

EASY TO GRIP COMFORTABLE HANDLE- Patented soft, built up, non-slip handle requires less hand strength and minimizes stress on fingers, hand, and wrist compared to standard silverware. Flexible ribbing prevents slipping even when wet. Helps increase stability and control for individuals with rheumatoid arthritis, stiffness, numbness, muscle weakness, loss of dexterity, motor coordination challenges, or hand injuries.

HIGHLY POLISHED FOOD-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL - Utensil heads are insert moulded into the handle for a tighter, leak-proof connection. Commercial-grade, durable design is home dishwasher safe.

DESIGNED FOR BALANCE AND STABILITY – Handles measure 3-1/2-in circumference, 1-3/8-in. diameter and 4-1/4-in. long. Knife is 8-1/4-in.long, Fork is 8-in. long, Tablespoon is 7-3/4-in. long and Teaspoon is 7-1/2-in. long.

Perfect for travel or bringing to restaurants.
BPA and Latex free.
NZ$ 40.50 - 58.00
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  • Stainless steel utensils
  • Each cutlery piece features a special twist built into the metal shaft that allows it to be bent for either right or left handed use
  • The angled rocker knife requires only minimal arm strength for cutting
  • Soft rubber handles won't slip, even when wet
  • Large handle is helpful for persons with weak grasp or limited hand coordination
  • Dishwasher safe