This is where the action happens... the roads are built, the services connected, and communities grow.

Our wonderful operational team is responsible for ensuring customers are provided with the information, resources and equipment needed to have more choice, remain active and independent, and keep connected with their communities.

Whether it be a query about the support services available, a Total Mobility Scheme assessment, information about mobility equipment or assistive technology or a stroller repair, our passionate and knowledgeable team are here to assist you!

Ann Wilson
Total Mobility Scheme Assessor


Jenny Oatley
Customer Service Specialist


Maria Luisa Suarez
Information & Equipment Advisor


Kerry Duncan
Repairs & Maintenance Specialist


Margaret Adams
Total Mobility Scheme Assessor


Mikki Jones
Data Entry Specialist


Naomi Yeoman
General Manager


Noella Squire
Total Mobility Scheme Assessor