Total Mobility Scheme Assessments

We are a Total Mobility Support Agency for the Greater Wellington Regional Council and have Assessors who are qualified to complete assessments for this scheme.  We provide this service in the Kāpiti Coast district only.  Outside Kāpiti Coast, please contact Metlink directly.

The Total Mobility scheme is provided throughout New Zealand and is jointly funded by local and central government.  The scheme subsidises door-to-door transport for disabled people who cannot independently use regular public transport services, all or some of the time.  Total Mobility users receive a 75% discount, up to a maximum of $60 per trip, on eligible trips including wheelchair accessible services. 

In Wellington, Total Mobility cards have Snapper cards built in for paying bus fares and already have the Accessibility concession applied.

If you have a long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairment, contact us or Metlink for more information or talk to your support agency about eligibility. 

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for Total Mobility if you have a permanent impairment or illness that stops you from undertaking one or more of the following five aspects of a journey by yourself on public transport in a safe and dignified manner:

  • Getting to the place where the transport departs
  • Getting onto the transport
  • Riding securely
  • Getting off the transport
  • Getting to your final destination point.

Whether or not you have access to local public transport in the area that you live or travel to/from is not taken into consideration when determining eligibility.

Arrange an assessment

You can either be referred for an assessment by your family/whanau, your Doctor/local Health Centre, or by your Care Provider.  Alternatively you can make a self referral by either contacting us on 04 298 2914 (Kāpiti Coast only) or Metlink on 0800 801 700 to organise for an assessment to be completed.

What does the assessment involve?

The assessment usually takes 20-30 minutes and includes the assessor taking a photo of you for printing onto your Total Mobility identification card.  You can have the assessment at your own home or at the support agency office.  Metlink can also visit hospitals etc.  Metlink will write to you within 10 days to advise the outcome of your assessment.
The final decision rests with the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

WellAble does not receive any funding to complete assessments, so if you choose to be assessed for the Total Mobility Scheme through WellAble, there is a non-refundable administration fee of $25.00.  This covers the administration costs associated with providing this service throughout the Kāpiti Coast district.  This will need to be paid either before or on the day of your assessment. Our assessors can only accept cash, and you will be provided with a receipt.

Total Mobility transport operators

Approved operator

Contact numberWheelchair accessible?
Airport & City Shuttles

Driving Miss Daisy

Freedom Companion Drivers

Golden Oldies

Hutt & City Taxis

Kiwi Cabs Ltd

Masterton Radio Taxis

Masterton Shuttles

Paraparaumu Taxis

Porirua Taxis

Wainuiomata Taxis

Wellington Combined Taxis
04 977 7406

0800 948 432

0800 956 956

04 528 2868

04 570 0057

04 389 9999

06 378 2555

06 377 1923

04 296 1111

04 237 6099

04 564 1227

04 384 4444












How do I use Total Mobility for door-to-door trips?

Your new Total Mobility card will come with instructions and a copy of the Terms and Conditions of Use.  Please read these carefully before using your Total Mobility card for the first time.

To use your card

  1. Contact your preferred Total Mobility transport company to book a trip
  2. Give your Total Mobility card to the driver at the start of the trip
  3. Pay the driver at the end of the trip
  4. Keep a copy of your receipt

Remember: if you do not give your card to the driver at the start of the trip, you will not get the Total Mobility subsidy and will be charged the full fare.

Are wheelchair accessible vehicles included?

Yes.  Please let the transport operator know you need a wheelchair-accessible vehicle and are a Total Mobility member when booking your transport.  Try to book your wheelchair-accessible service in advance wherever possible because evenings and weekends are popular times.

How do I use Total Mobility on buses, trains and ferries?

In the Wellington region, Total Mobility cards are also Snapper cards with the accessible concession built in for paying Metlink bus fares.  Just like all Snapper cards, money needs to be loaded onto the card to use it for bus fares.

How much is the subsidy?

When paying for a taxi with your Te Hunga Whaikaha Total Mobility card, Metlink will cover 75% of the fare, up to $60 per trip. Cardholders will pay the remaining 25% of the fare to the driver at the end of the trip.

If the fare is more than $60, Metlink will pay up to $60 and you will need to pay the rest.

Can I use my card outside the Wellington region?

Yes.  Other regions using electronic cards are:

  • Auckland
  • Canterbury
  • Horizons (Levin-Wanganui-Taumarunui-Dannevirke)
  • Northland
  • Otago
  • Southland
  • Taranaki
  • Marlborough
  • Hawke's Bay

If you are travelling to the regions below you will need to contact us at least seven days prior to your travel and we will post you vouchers to use.  The regions still using paper vouchers are:

  • Bay of Plenty
  • Gisborne
  • Waikato
  • West Coast

Can my caregiver use my card?

No, only you are permitted to use your Total Mobility card.  Your caregiver may travel with you but can’t use your card to travel on your behalf, for example to run errands, or for personal travel reasons.

Can I travel with a companion?

Yes, but remember as the eligible Total Mobility customer you must remain in the vehicle for the entire time that your companion travels.

I have lost my Total Mobility card

Please contact Metlink for replacements.

Privacy Statement

The information provided as part of the eligibility assessment for Total Mobility will be used to establish your eligibility for Total Mobility, it may also be used for statistical and research purposes which will not identify you as an individual.  This information may be accessed by employees or representatives of the Greater Wellington Regional Council and your disability support agency (if any).  When required for audit purposes, information may be accessed by the agents, employees, contractors or representatives of the New Zealand Transport Agency and their auditors, or any Crown entity performing similar roles.

All personal information will be held securely and protected against loss, unauthorised access or misuse.

If you do not provide the information requested (including an approved identification photograph), you will not be able to register as a member of Total Mobility and you will not be eligible for any subsidy.

Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to access personal information about you held by Greater Wellington Regional Council and your disability support agency for Total Mobility purposes.  You are also have the right to request that we correct any information held about you.

You must immediately notify Greater Wellington Regional Council and your disability support agency if any information provided to support your application for Total Mobility changes or if there is any other change of circumstance which may affect your eligibility for Total Mobility.