Our Funders

Thanks to these wonderful Organisations who have financially supported WellAble, we have been able to advance our strategic objective of being a leading provider of quality disability information, equipment, and support for people in the Wellington region.  For this we are extremely grateful!

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

The Ministry works across the health sector to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders.  It leads New Zealand’s health and disability system and has overall responsibility for the management and development of that system.


The Federation of Disability Information Centres

The Federation of Disability Information Centres

The Federation of Disability Information Centres promote and facilitate the local provision of impartial health and disability information and resource services.


Lottery Grants Board

Lottery Community Fund

Lottery Community grants are available for not-for-profit organisations with a community or social service focus for ongoing operating costs or projects which help improve the quality of people’s lives in their communities.


Wellington Community Trust

Wellington Community Trust Board

Funding for communities to thrive, across the Wellington region


Community Organisation Grants Scheme

Community Organisations Grants Scheme (COGS)

This scheme provides government-funded grants to support voluntary and not-for-profit organisations working in local communities and neighbourhoods.


Thomas George Macarthy Trust

Thomas George Macarthy Trust

Thomas George Macarthy of Wellington, was a Brewer who died in Wellington on 19 August 1912. The Trust created by Mr Macarthy's will, as varied by two Acts of Parliament, provides for so much of the income as the Board of Governors sees fit to be distributed among registered charitable or educational organisations operating in the old Wellington provincial district.