1992   Kāpiti Abilities Resource Centre opened

For many years, access to services in Kāpiti for people with disabilities was limited and the emphasis was placed on traditional methods of support.  There was growing support for a full time Disability Information Service and initial funding was secured to set up a community focused organisation with a Charitable Trust status.  On 1 July 1992 the Kapiti Abilities Resource Centre was opened in Epiha Street, Paraparaumu.

1994   Moved to larger premise in Maclean Street, Paraparaumu Beach

The first premise was quickly proved to be too small, so in 1994 larger premises were found in Maclean Street, Paraparaumu Beach.

1997   Moved into purpose built Resource Centre as part of the new Kāpiti Community Centre

The service went through considerable growth and it was recognised that a more central location would provide greater visibility and accessibility to the service.  Considerable work was done to get buy in for a purpose built Resource Centre to be built in conjunction with the building of the new Kāpiti Community Centre.  Agreement reached and the Centre moved into the new building on 9 April 1997.

1998   Name change to Disability Information and Equipment Centre - Kāpiti

In 1998 a motion was passed at the AGM to change the name to Disability Information & Equipment Centre – Kāpiti.  It was felt that the new name would more accurately reflect the services that were being delivered.

2003-2012   Various attempts at having a branch in Wellington area (central locations and Petone)

During the period 2003 to 2012 there were multiple attempts to have a branch located closer to Wellington to be more accessible to the Wellington region.  A variety of locations were tried from Central Wellington to Petone.  Unfortunately due to a variety of reasons, mostly related to the cost and accessibility of premises, it was decided to no longer have a physical premise in the Wellington area and the Centre was closed in October 2012 when the lease came to an end. 

2014   Mobile Service launched to increase service to the Wellington region

The need was still there to provide access to information for people with disabilities in the Wellington region and so it was decided that a more effective method would be to have a mobile service that could take information and equipment to people throughout the Wellington region, including Kāpiti.  In 2014 the mobile service was launched.

2017   Moved to 110 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu and changed name to Well-Able

In 2017 the lease at the Kāpiti Community Centre came to an end and the current premises in at 110 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu were secured.  With the change in premise came a change in name to make the service more  enabling and relatable to the wider community.  Well – representing Wellington and Wellbeing and Able – to be more enabling, focusing on ability rather than disability.