Single Bed / Sofa Raiser - set of 2

Single Bed / Sofa Raiser - set of 2
These raisers are made from plywood, and slim in design which reduces tripping hazard. A fixed bottom plate is secured to make our raisers very stable.

The raisers are given a professional lacquer finish, with leg holes painted with non-slip paint to stop any movement.

Sold in sets of 2.
NZ$ 435.00
Shipping to be calculated, please contact to order
[{"colour":"","code":"TTSBS50","size":"50mm","price":378.261,"qty":0,"pid":2901441,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2638806/Single-Bed-Sofa-Raiser.jpg","title":"Single Bed / Sofa Raiser - set of 2"},{"colour":"","code":"TTSBS75","size":"75mm","price":378.261,"qty":0,"pid":2901442,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2638806/Single-Bed-Sofa-Raiser.jpg","title":"Single Bed / Sofa Raiser - set of 2"},{"colour":"","code":"TTSBS100","size":"100mm","price":378.261,"qty":0,"pid":2901443,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2638806/Single-Bed-Sofa-Raiser.jpg","title":"Single Bed / Sofa Raiser - set of 2"},{"colour":"","code":"TTSBS150","size":"150mm","price":378.261,"qty":0,"pid":2901444,"style":"","disabled":true,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2638806/Single-Bed-Sofa-Raiser.jpg","title":"Single Bed / Sofa Raiser - set of 2"}]

Minimum Length: 530mm
Maximum Length: 1100mm

Available Heights:
50mm - 75mm - 100mm - 150mm

Leg Hole: 90mm x 90mm

Maximum Weight Limit: 600kg

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