Attends Contours Air Comfort

Attends Contours Air Comfort
Attends Contours Air Comfort are a range of anatomically shaped pads designed to fit closely to the body for heavy bladder and/or faecal incontinence. The pad has an absorbent core and a breathable textile back sheet to help reduce the risk of leakage, provide odour protection and skin dryness.
NZ$ 34.50
[{"colour":"","code":"EB23311065","size":"","price":30,"qty":1,"pid":2542148,"style":"Absorbency Level 6","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2542148/Contours_Air_6.jpg","title":"Attends Contours Air Comfort"},{"colour":"","code":"EB23311066","size":"","price":28.696,"qty":0,"pid":2542042,"style":"Absorbency Level 7","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2542042/contours_air_7.jpg","title":"Attends Contours Air Comfort"},{"colour":"","code":"EB23311067","size":"","price":33.913,"qty":0,"pid":2542040,"style":"Absorbency Level 8","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2542040/Contour_air_8a.jpg","title":"Attends Contours Air Comfort"},{"colour":"","code":"EB23311068","size":"","price":36.957,"qty":0,"pid":2542039,"style":"Absorbency Level 9","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2542039/contours_air_9.jpg","title":"Attends Contours Air Comfort"},{"colour":"","code":"EB23311069","size":"","price":38.261,"qty":0,"pid":2542041,"style":"Absorbency Level 10","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/590829/pid2542041/contours_air_10.jpg","title":"Attends Contours Air Comfort"}]
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  • Large shaped pads designed to fit close to the body
  • Breathable backsheet allowing the skin to breathe which contributes to improved skin health
  • Absorbent core with Active Zone and Quick Dry acquisition layer, to help reduce the risk of leakage, provide odour protection and skin dryness
  • The core technology in the product helps to guarantee a low pH which is similar to the skin, this helps to protect the skin and ensures improved skin health
  •  Leakage barriers to reduce the risk of leakage
  •  Wetness indicator aids good nursing practice and acts as a guide to when the product requires changing
  • For maximum performance and comfort Attends Contours should be worn with Attends Stretch Pants, Stretch Fit Pants or Stretch Pants Comfort

This product is available in absorbency levels 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Absorbency level 6 7 8 9 10
Product length (cm) 58 58 64.5 70 78.5
Product width at crotch (cm)   17.5 17.5 19 19.5 25
Pieces per pack 35       28       28       28       21