GM Fold-up Grab Rail

GM Fold-up Grab Rail
Fold-up Grab Rail designed to provide support when required and fold away to provide additional access space when not in use. This rail is fixed to the wall with a heavy duty mounting plate, supported by a non-slip rubber tip that rests against the plate when in use. Available in two finishes, anti-bacterial nylon or stainless steel.

NZ$ 297.00 - 528.00
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  • 90 degree folding capacity
  • Two high quality finishes to choose from - Stainless Steel and Nylon
  • Antibacterial, anti-UV and anti- aging surface
  • Surface texture to add grip and stability
  • Strengthened with aluminium core
  • Large secure mounting base

Finish:  Nylon or Stainless Steel

Total Width:  690mm (Stainless Steel) , 700mm (Nylon)

Total Height:  190mm (Stainless Steel) , 140mm (Nylon)

Total Grab Rail Circumference:  32mm (Stainless Steel), 35mm (Nylon)

Warranty: 12 months

Warning: Rails must be fitted by a qualified person and should only be fixed to walls of sound construction. Careful consideration should be given choosing fixing applications.