Karma VIP2 Tilt and Recline Wheelchair

Karma VIP2  Tilt and Recline Wheelchair
The VIP2 offers a combination of tilt-in space and reclining positions so users can achieve optimum levels of pressure relief, positioning and comfort at all times. It has a 35 degree tilt and comes with either a backrest with fixed recline positions or an adjustable reclining back of 30 degrees. The recline angle of the fixed backrest is adjustable from -5 degrees to 15 degrees.
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The VIP2 comes with an adjustable headrest with a greater range of position options while other enhancements include a deeper seat for taller users and a tension adjustable backrest. Product highlights are as follows;

Weight Shifting with Comfort

The design of a unique weight-shifting system aims to reduce the feeling of anxiousness some users have when going into the tilt position.  The system allows the centre of gravity to travel between the front and rear wheels while tilting which provides steadier balance and a greater feeling of security.

Anti-Sliding Reclining System

The reclining pivot point of the chair is located close to the user's hip joint, which synchronises the motion of the body and the chair, allowing for minimal sliding.

Foldable and Durable

The foldable design of the VIP2 ensures it can be easily transported in the boot of most standard family-sized cars.

Modularised Design, Easy to Change

It is ideal for those suffering from progressive diseases, as it can easily be changed from a tilt-in-space only chair to a tilt and recline chair.

J Hook Handles

Two J Hook Handles have been added to the back canes to provide extra height, allowing caregivers to move the VIP2 with ease and care. These are now a standard feature on all VIP2 wheelchairs.

  • Tilt-in-space from 0 - 35°
  • Recline 0 - 30°
  • Foldable and compact
  • Drop in armrests with Boat armpads
  • Swingaway legrests
  • Adjustable length legrests
  • Ergonomic headrest
  • Antitippers
Seath Width 18"
Seat Depth 16"
Overall Width 27"
Overall Length 110 cm
Overall Height 98 cm
Seat To Floor Height 46.5 cm
Back Height 54 cm
Rear Wheel 20"
Front Castor 7"
Armrest Height 9 - 11"
User Weight Limit 115 kg
Total Unit Weight 23.4 kg
Folded Width 42 cm
Tilt Range 0 - 35°
Recline Rance 0 - 30°