Coopers Double Adjustable Elbow Crutches

Coopers Double Adjustable Elbow Crutches
This pair of strong, high-quality adult elbow crutches can be easily set to the most comfortable height position for the user. Their wedge-shaped handgrips are designed for various hand types giving maximum comfort during use. A ridge at the front of the handgrip reduces the tendency of the hand to slide off and the triangular main body of the handgrip, with its 8 angle, reflect the natural formation of the hand when clenching an object.

They are designed for a high user weight with their anodised aluminium making them a high resistance to prevent them bending. Double spring clip for strength.
NZ$ 73.00
NZ$ 17.40
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  • High resistance, anodised aluminium
  • Double spring clip for strength
  • Double height adjustable: arm-band to hand grip, hand grip to tip
  • Wedge shaped hand grip for optimal user comfort
  • Safe working load: 180 kg
  • Handgrip to ground height in 25mm steps: min. 670 max. 920
  • Height from armband to handgrip: min. 200 max. 270 mm
  • Material: Anodised Aluminum
  • Max height: 920 mm
  • Min height: 670 mm
  • Product weight: 1.4kg approx./pair kg
  • Tip size: 22
  • Width inside cuff: 280