Swivel Cushion

Swivel Cushion
The Swivel Cushion is great at assisting you to turn around easily to get in and out of car seats.

The cushion has two separate padded disks which join in the centre. The lower disk has a slip resistant backing which helps hold it in place on the car seat, and the inner linings slide against each other allowing the cushion to rotate.

To use - place the cushion on top of your car seat (or any seat). Sit down on the cushion and rotate or swivel to face the right direction.

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  • Helps to turn easily on most surfaces 
  • Perfect for use in the car or on a mobility scooter
  • Can be used on beds or chairs 
  • Flexible design works on flat surfaces and contoured bucket-style seats
  • Top made from quilted cotton
  • Non-slip base makes turning motion effortless
  • Circular swivel cushion consists of two layers held together with a durable plastic plate 
  • If placed under feet in standing position, ideal to turn patients from wheelchair to bed, toilet, etc
  • Approx 44cm diameter
  • Turns up to 360°
  • 100 kg weight limit