Seal-Tight Original slips easily over casts or bandages on arms and legs to form a watertight seal. The secret is the flex-seal rubber diaphragm closure which helps make the Seal-Tight Original the preferred choice of doctors and patients worldwide.

- Seal-Tight Original covers should only be worn while showering or bathing.
- Walking with your Seal-Tight leg cover on could cause it to weaken and possibly leak.
NZ$ 54.00
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Child Sizes:

Size Length      Max. Circumference
Small Arm 31cm 41cm
Medium Arm         48cm 41cm
Medium Leg 43cm 53.3cm
Large Leg 81cm 53.3cm

Adult Sizes:

Size Length      Max. Circumference
Hand 31cm 41cm
Short Arm 58cm 41cm
Long arm 101cm 53.3cm
Foot/Ankle 31cm 53.3cm
Short Leg 61cm 53.3cm
Wide Short Leg     61cm 71cm
Long Leg 107cm 71cm