Attends Stretchpants

Attends Stretchpants
Used in combination with the Attends Countours range, Attends Stretch Pants are washable up to 15 times in 40-85 degrees centigrade...
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Attends Strechpants
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These soft, comfortable pants help to keep the pad close to the body and aid leakage protection whilst ensuring the wearer feels dry, comfortable and secure at all times.

Attends Stretch Pants are washable up to 15 times and you can choose from a range of sizes. The waistband is colour coded for easy sizing.

Please contact if you would like to purchase 15 pairs or more. Prices indicated are for a single pair of stretchpants.

Size Waistband Colour Waist Size
Small  Red 40 - 80 cm
Medium  Blue 70 - 100cm
Large  Black 90 - 120cm
X Large            Green 110 - 135cm
XX Large  Orange  > 130 cm


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