Attends Soft 7

Attends Soft 7
Attends Soft 7 is part of a new long-awaited micro-incontinence pad range with huge absorbency and set to be a major breakthrough for incontinence suffers and carers....
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The pads are up to 50% smaller than traditional incontinence pads, easier to fit and apply and most of all drier and more comfortable. Fixation tape allows the pads to be worn with the users own close fitting underwear for ultimate discretion.

Attends Soft 7 have a duel core with Quick Dry technology that locks urine away securely. The pad also has rapid absorption due to the technology and less rewet which means less skin irritation.

Attends Soft 7 is anatomically shaped, and has a white breathable back sheet for healthy skin and improved comfort. The incontinence pad also has soft elastic legs designed to provide even more security, maximum protection and dryness in cases of heavy incontinence.

  • Revolutionary new product which provides major breakthrough for incontinence suffers.
  • Slim and secure pad for heavy urinary incontinence that can actually be worn with your own underwear.
  • Up to 50% smaller than traditional incontinence pads with the same absorbency.
  • Compressed core for super thiness and Quick Dry technology for rapid absorption.
  • Breathable textile back sheet and soft non-woven top sheet for healthy skin and improved comfort.
Size     Absorbancy     Pack Size
Length 48.6 cm
Thickness 7.5 mm                 
1250 - 1499 ml                     34


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