Seal Tight Original Leg Protectors

Seal Tight Original Leg Protectors
The Seal Tight Original offers an easy and durable to stay dry while in bandage or cast. It is used for therapeutic care/daily showering or bathing....
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When submersing take care not to put any weight on the plastic ring as this can affect the seals ability to keep water out. This protector is NOT to be used for water activaties - See the Seal Tight Freedom range if you require protection for water activaties such as swimming.

The range is available in children's sizes also. Please contact us for your requirements.

* Easy Single Handed Application
* No Strap - No Velcro - No Tapes
* 100% Latex Free
* Rough Outer Surface Minimizes Slippage
* Recommended by nurses and clinicians throughout New Zealand
* With Normal Care, Lasts 6 - 8 Weeks.


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