Delloch Tubi-Shield

Delloch Tubi-Shield
Provides protection to vulnerable skin on the arms and legs.

The Delloch Tubi-Shield skin protector is designed to provide protection to vulnerable skin on the arms and legs which may also include elbows and knees. The Tubi-Shield is a natural cotton knitted tubular sleeve incorporating elastomeric yarn which stretch to provide moderate compression but also keeps the protective sleeve in place. There is a soft foam pad sewn into one half of the sleeve and this is placed over the area to be protected. This pad provides protection from impacts that frequently occur in everyday activities such as gardening, vacuuming, use of a walking frame and other activities that may result in a knock or bump.
NZ$ 26.00
Purchase Qty:
Size Circumference   Length
X-Small      27-35cm 25cm
Small 36-44cm 25cm
Medium 45-58cm 25cm