IL Suction Grab Rail

IL Suction Grab Rail
The Quick Suction Grab Rail is a compact support handle and offers greater independence by providing stability when getting in and out of the bath or shower, or for general use around the home. It is ideal for those who need a little extra mobility support. You can install the product in seconds, with no need for messy drilling or DIY, by simply placing the grip onto any smooth, non-porous surface (such as tiles) and pushing the safety locking levers down. For total confidence, the device will indicate it is securely locked in place with a green indicator on the suction handle. It is a great product to have when travelling and staying with friends or relatives or in hotels; providing a non-permanent support solution, without damaging the surface below.

NB. This product is designed to assist your natural motion, as when getting in and out of a shower. It is not designed to hold or support your full body weight.
NZ$ 30.00 - 65.00
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  • Can help prevent dangerous slips and falls
  • Ideal for use when travelling/staying with relatives
  • No messy drilling or screwing required to fit
  • Designed for use on tiled walls or other non-porous surfaces
  • Can be removed in seconds for easy cleaning
  • Powerful, secure locking suction pads with safety indicator

WARNING: Not for supporting the user's total body weight