PenAgain Pen

PenAgain Pen
This 'Y' shaped ergonomic pen is designed for comfort and helps to reduce stress on the hand.

It's design allows it to stay in place while writing. It is great for individuals with reduced hand function. Suitable more for an adult sized hand.

The Pen Again is available in red, blue, black or silver and comes with 2 pen refills (black ink)
NZ$ 12.00 including GST
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The Comfortable "No Grip" design is a feature that helps make this pen so comfortable to use. See the features tab for more infomation.

It comes standard with two free refills and extra refills are available.

There is a learning curve associated with using the PenAgain, but it is a small one.Holding PenAgain

  • A slight change in hand posture may occur that slants your writing differently.

  • Your normal writing strokes may be exaggerated until you realise that less motion is required to perform the same stroke.

  • You must move your wrist correctly. Lazy writing creep (scrunching up the fingers as you write) is not possible. You must move the wrist along the line as you write.

  • It may take a while to realise that you do not need to grip the pen hard. You do not need to grip the pen at all. You can let your thumb and fingers rest on the pen body lightly and simply fine tune the gross movements from the index fingers upper joint and the wrist.


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