Attends Numbering System

All products within the Attends assortment are clearly identified with a number, representing the degree of incontinence. The system is easy to use, where 0 represents a product with the lowest absorption level and number 10 the highest. For instance, if you have tried an Attends pad but you have to change it frequently, Attends recommend you try a pad with a higher number (absorbency). Or if you need something less absorbent you can move to a lower pad number.

In general, the split between the levels of absorbency is as follows:

Light Bladder Weakness: Absorbency Degree 0-3
Moderate Incontinence:   Absorbency Degree 4-5
Severe Incontinence:       Absorbency Degree 6-10

Usually, you have a choice of several products with the same absorption level. All these products guarantee the same absorption, but they differ in fit, fixation system or materials used. The number of the product is clearly visible on all Attends packaging. On top, the number is printed on the backsheet of the product or on the release paper. This makes it easier for you to remember which Attends product you are using.

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